The Ontario House of Mercy

An abundantly generous couple donated a house to be used a House of Mercy in Ontario California. It was in use from December 2006-2008. Due to the death of the husband the house had to be sold. The generous couple not only donated a house for over a year but they paid to furnish the house and for the utilities.

This is a photo of the exterior of the house.

A priest from the Diocese of San Bernadino Blessed the House. (From Left to Right) Esther (who during the ritual made a promise as a Daughter of Divine Mercy for three months), Lupe, Asuncion, Fr. Borba, Nicolasa, Maria J., and Gloria 

Fr. Carey said a Mass at the Ontario House.

many gathered for the occasion

Here is a photo of a woman and her two children who was helped at the Ontario House.

In addition to visiting Rialto Father Carey visited the Ontario house, here is a photo of him with one of the ladies and her two children.

Here is a picture of one of the beutiful babies that was born from the House in Ontario

Here is Daughter of Divine Mercy holding a new born baby while visiting one of the ladies at the hospital after giving birth.

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