2010 Newsletter





Father Richard Carey

They were ecstatic!  All 72 of them were having the time of their lives as they reported back to the Master their experiences of preparing the way for Jesus to visit the neighboring towns and villages. And Jesus rejoiced with them. Besides announcing the Good News they had cured the sick and cast out demons in his name.  It was then that Jesus said.  Yes, yes, rejoice in these things but “… rejoice more in the fact that your names are written in heaven.  “That incident from Luke’s Gospel comes to mind as we reflect on what has been happening at the Houses of Mercy in Rialto and Tecate.  It is fun to think about all the good things that are happening but, we need the reminder, that the best thing of all is the fact that our names are written in heaven.  Because     all

that we are doing, we are doing for Him and we love Him as those first 72 did. Maybe we haven’t driven out too many demons and maybe we haven’t cured too many sick but we have cared for them who need care and we have announced the Good News to them and it is fun and we are rejoicing as we ponder these events some of which are described in this Newsletter.   And you too must share in this joy because you too are part of the 72 (or 172). But best of all, we are happy that our names are written in heaven. So that has been happening since our last Newsletter of February, 2010.


By:  Lucy Petri and Maria Sebial

The House of Mercy, Pro-Life, Inc. started here in Rialto since year 2003.  The presence of our Daughters of Divine Mercy (DDM) who indefatigably help and gave their all is indeed a blessing.   Sister Asuncion, is in charge in Rialto.  She has taught the women in Rialto, self-reliance as she teaches how to make special delicacies like Tamales and flans which they sell. (Any food that a DDM cooks is always good, as if cooked by an Angel.  You can place your order now.☺)  They also do yard sales to help in their daily sustenance and monthly expenses.  Her love and true devotion as DDM is such an inspiration for us, who witnessed how this humble Ministry of the Lord was planted and bear fruits.


By: Father Carey


What do Leticia, King David, Nehemiah and Esdras have in common? If you answered a great desire to build a fitting Temple for the King of Kings, you were right.  One of them was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.  The only wonder of Leticia’s chapel was that it ever got built and built so beautifully.  The Book of Nehemiah describes the great joy that accompanied the dedication of the new Temple after the Babylonian Exile.  So also here on September 4, there was great festivity and joy at the Dedication and Blessing of the new chapel at the House of Mercy.  The great hope was that, with our limited resources, we could build something beautiful for Jesus, the best for the best. The limited resources included things like no architect, no blueprints, no draftsman’s plan, no money, or at least almost no money. The lack of these were offset by an abundance of hope, love, eagerness to do the best we could.  The result ??  It is beautiful. If it is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, only you who see it can make that determination.

Many, many people had a hand in the building of the chapel. Letitia was the Superintendent, her husband, Danny, was the foreman for the major part of the project. Bill Petri did all the electrical work, assisted by his two talented and teenage sons. Henry Lara, assisted by this similarly talented and teenaged son along with many members of his building crew, spent hours and hours of expert carpentry skills on it. Many others spent a few hours, or a few days or a weekend assisting. Many others donated building materials or money when it was needed.

Even Father John, pastor of St. Elizabeth Church in Ontario, lent a helping hand in the building.  So, yes, there was great rejoicing at the Dedication, maybe not as much as the dancing and jubilation of King David as he led the procession of the Ark of the Covenant. Maybe not as the Irish song tells it, ”The whiskey flowed like buttermilk to fill our hearts with joy and the piper played an Irish reel to greet the Yankee boy.  ”But there were lots of Yankee boys and girls to blend with the Mexican gentry to praise the Lord on that happy day.

An added joy was that the morning of the Dedication, the House of Mercy Pro-Life sponsored and led the first ever March for life that was ever held in Tecate.  All the people and children of the House

of Mercy were there and were joined by a nice crowd of other people. There were banners, balloons and songs as we marched the three mile trek. It was a great way to alert the citizenry to the evils of abortion. The hot weather made it possible to enjoy the impromptu water fights when we arrived at a local park.  September 4, 2010 was a red-letter day for Jesus who is Life.


On this long-awaited day, the Palace of the King was adorned in white and red and the intoxicating fragrance of the many bouquets of flowers beguiled our senses. All were anxiously awaiting the two great events: the celebration of the great Feast of Divine Mercy and the dedication of lives to the service of the King. Courageous ladies were making, or renewing, their commitment to serve the King in ways beyond the ordinary. They promised to go the extra mile to do more than what is expected, to live lives of humble poverty, perfect chastity, and loving obedience. For some it was a renewal for the seventh year, for others, a lesser time, for all, a beautiful gift to the Lord of Life.

VIGNETTES The following paragraphs will give you a window on the Houses of Mercy and enable you to glimpse how things are on a particular day. They were written by different people to help us see daily life within the House of Mercy. I hope you enjoy them.

VIGNETTE   1  by:  Father Carey

The sky was angry that day, my friends. It was cold as usual. In addition, the unsettled weather had produced intermittent rain, sometimes in great cold bursts, others a gentle flow like the fleece of a lamb. But the good Padre needed exercise. Having grown up and weathered the blizzards and heavy snows of North Dakota, he was perennially unable to permit weather to dictate how he should act. So after the others had declined his personal invitation to accompany him on a trek through the rolling hills of Cerra Azul, he donned his parka and waving goodbye to them set out.

The skies angrily seeing him flaunt their fury, unleashed a heavy onslaught of miserable weather, rain, wind, dense fog, approaching darkness. Unperturbed, he slogged on until, perceiving that he was soaked to the skin, he turned for home. A bit later, he heard human voices shouting something. Hoping that they were not lost in the fog, he responded. The words were, “Father, Father”.  A bit later he happened upon Jesus and Eliseo, two valiant teenagers who had braved the bad weather to come in search for him, thinking he perhaps had fallen and been unable to continue. Both pleased that they were so good and distressed that they thought he was incapable of hardships, they tramped back together where they met the two who had spurned his invitation to come. They too were a bit concerned but, in lieu of setting out to search, they prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.


It was the middle of the day and the priest, kneeling at his prie-dieu, was absorbed in prayer when  a little five year old boy came up to whisper  something to the padre. The words touched his heart. Que bonita es la casa de Dios”. The priest whispered back to the boy, “Si, claro que si.”  But in his heart he said, ”Yes, this may not be St. Peter’s in Rome but the Lord is here. It is beautiful but not as beautiful as this little boy.”

VIGNETTE 3 – by: Laura Lara, Volunteer

One morning while visiting Tecate House of Mercy, I, together with my children Jesus and Maria, had the opportunity to care for the eight (8) older boys.  In the beginning, the boys were a bit hyper while I felt so nervous.  My kids helped me organize their activities.  We started doing exercises which they obviously did not really enjoy.  But I slowly began to feel the presence of the Lord and Mother Mary as our activities shifted to studies and catechism.  The kids calmed down and we ended with film showing.  This experience taught me the acceptance and respect for these kids.  In Tecate, I felt closest to God in the presence of Leticia and being in her shoes for even just one morning with the kids.  God Bless Leticia Marquez, Founder of the House of Mercy.  I know this is just one of the many Providential experiences she gets from our Divine God.


If you think this urgent call is for money. You are wrong, If you think it is for more fasting, you are getting warm (because more fasting is always necessary) but this call is for something more pressing. We desperately need more Daughters of Divine Mercy. The lovely ones we have are doing the work of two or three persons. Leticia is doing the work of four or five persons. Thinking back to the 72 that Jesus had, we could use that many or turn the number around, we could use 27, or half of that. And it is a great life of total surrender to the Lord in prayer and active service. Would you like to get up at 4:30 in the morning, pray for three hours, and then begin the rest of the day in doing the works of mercy (Do you remember the seven works of mercy, both spiritual and physical?) When at last at 9pm or 10:00 when you go to bed, you have the satisfaction of having given that day at least to the Lord. I remember years ago at a charismatic convention in New Jersey, the priest said something like, “Yeah, I know you are all praising the Lord with your voices, with your hands and so on but now praise Him with your whole being (actually he used a more profane expression).  He was right, Yes, praise God wholeheartedly but DO SOMETHING. And without delay.   Who was it that said,  “The harvest is great but the laborers are few”? He might well have been talking of the House of Mercy and the Daughters of Divine Mercy.  An afterthought:  A rancher in the area is generously offering to give us two acres of land just a stone’s throw from our present location. We are overwhelmed with this offer and Leticia has lots of good plans for their use,  but without  enough Daughters of Divine Mercy…..? ?? A final suggestion: Take a good look and ask, ”Am I really doing enough for Jesus   –   or at that pretty face you see in the mirror every day should I do more?” Praise the Lord!

Father Carey’s Apostolic Endeavors in Tecate by:  Billy Petry – volunteer,  17- years old

“This is not playing patty cake in holy water!” as Father Carey often exclaims to those whom he attempts to explain the rich and active spirituality of the House of Mercy.  And this verity is not only expressed by Father’s mouth, but mostly by his deeds. Father Carey has maintained very busy at the House of Mercy, though this is not  in-congruent with his  personality. Shortly after Father’s arrival, in October, 2009 the House of Mercy received permission to reserve the Blessed Sacrament in the Chapel on the premises of the House of Mercy in Tecate, this great privilege was given solely through the presence of Fr. Carey.  In addition to this, Father celebrates daily mass, conducts formative classes for the Daughters of Divine Mercy and volunteers on Tuesdays, and Thursdays, and confirmation classes on Saturdays. Father Carey has not limited himself to only serving the House of Mercy, He also celebrates Mass at two contemplative monasteries, twice every week. Father has baptized a total of 15 children and has given first communion to 8 children from the House of Mercy.   Father also played a very important role in the construction of the new chapel, providing various means of support. Father Carey has been doing what he has done all of his life, and as he always says like Mary “FIAT” especially through his actions.


The need of protecting human and spiritual life is always there. This is our time of action  to fulfill the great need of those who lack hope. Here at the House of Mercy they find hope and help, both spiritual and physical.  Many good things are happening at the House of Mercy. Thanks to all of you who keep helping us in this great Pro-Life Ministry. a

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