Newsletter 2011




written by: Father Richard Carey


This is more than a beautiful prayer from the Liturgy of Hours. It is also a way of life practiced by many of the supporters of the House of Mercy. I list a few items of the activities of the House of Mercy that will serve to illustrate that bold declaration. Not in order of importance:

    1. Lots of people drive three or four hours to Vegas to have fun, lots of fun. Other men drove seven or eight hours from Bakersfield to Tecate to have fun.  But a wholly different kind of fun. What did they do? They prepared the ground and poured cement most of the day to provide a great driveway to the entrance of the House of Mercy. Now who cares about all the mud?
      The Volunteers from Bakersfield and the freshly poured concrete driveway
    2. The new land and mobile home that the couple and boys live

      A lovely couple from the DF are riding herd on (that is, housekeeping) the group of older boys. With the addition of the new trailer, the children are now placed into  three groups, the older boys, the older girls. At the moment, there are 30 children and the different groups who make it easier for everybody, kids and adults.

    3. Faith can move mountains. Leticia can move trailers. The fourth trailer, she moved onto the new land given to us by Don Lupe.  This is where the older boys are and they have lots of room to explore, to play, to keep their menagerie of animals including cats, dogs, pigs, roosters, gallinas, dove, etc.  Noah is smiling down on them. That is, when he can see them through the raindrops.
    4. Hey, what about Romerico?  With three houses and a chapel, do we need a handyman? Or how about lots of handymen? Do the Dodgers need a new owner? For well over a year, Romerico has walked the long distance between his ranch and the House of Mercy to volunteer his services as a deft handyman as well as a skilled craftsman in many areas. For example, the next time you are here, take a look at the new tiled floor in the enclosed patio of the main house. He may not be beautiful but his work sure is.  (Ed. Note: He is handsome, not beautiful.)
    5. What is the hardest work of us all? A worthy candidate would be Hermanita Maria.  For the past few months she has been roaming around Southern California trying to locate new Daughters of Divine Mercy (DDM).  Why is that so hard? Well, it is hard to leave everything to do so. How do I know?  Because, I did it. So maybe, she does have the hardest job of us all.
    6. Graciela and some of the children in Tecate as they brought some donations

      Another candidate for the hardest job could well be Graciela and her cohorts in Bakersfield, as well as Lucy and her indefatigable crew.  Between these two girls they raised close to $10,000.00 for the House of Mercy.  How did they do this?  Did they have a magic wand that they waved and suddenly all that money appeared?  Or, was it the hard work of baking and selling tamales, putting on dinners, and raffles other such innovative ideas.

      A Kermes organized by Lucy

    7. Work is hard but prayer is easy. Or is it? Just ask that 14 year old girl.   During an informal discussion about how to get more DDM she blithely offered the suggestion that we should write a letter to the Bishop asking him to pray for more DDM.  After all, as a Successor of the Apostles, he should carry significant weight in the heavenly courts.  The priest’s response was: “That’s a good idea but a bit too easy.  If you make a Holy Hour in front of the Blessed Sacrament every day for a whole month then, I will write to the Bishop.” Then he promptly forgot this statement. After all, what were the possibilities she would do that? Slim and none.  But she did do it. And the letter was written.
    8. So now, we have plenty of DDMs, right?  Wrong.  What happened to the prayers of the Successor of the Apostles? What happened to the Holy Hours of an innocent child? What happened to all our prayers? What is the use of praying if that is the response we get?  If you don’t know the answer to these questions, ask someone who is smarter than you. (Oh, I forgot, you can’t find someone like that.) Or, come to our next Retreat Day, but don’t stop praying.
    9. Okay, okay, granted that it’s not easy to find more DDM nor is it easy to raise money, but how would you like to raise two verandas on the two houses joined by the Chapel. Is it easy? Is it hard? I don’t know but you could ask Henry and his son, Jesus.  Sometimes they tell the truth although their last name rhymes with “liar”.  But they did a fine job and that is no lie.
    10. Many commentators on the passing scene are convinced that the words of Jesus about merciful works are dead and buried. That is far from our experience here. They should come and see the continual stream of individuals and groups that come to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and all the rest of the Works of Mercy. They come from Tecate and Mexico and the United States. Others send money monthly or occasionally to do the same. We see the love of Jesus in these wonderful people in their care of others.
    11. A hearty welcome to the new members of our Priests Advisory Board. We deeply appreciate their help in the past and now in the future. We hope to plan a Retreat for all people who help the House of Mercy. Their names and locations are as follows: Fr. Edmundo Gomez from St. James Parish in Perris, Ca.; Fr. Eduardo Aguirre from St. Christopher Church inMorenoValleyand Fr. John Viera from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in Ontario Ca.

      Fr. John Vieira and Fr. Carey at the dedication of the Chapel in Tecate

    12. Is there a Pseudo Jesus, Mary, and Joseph out there somewhere? Or is it just an anonymous generous person who surprises us often with delightful gifts of food, money, care, and love? Or is it really Jesus, Mary, and Joseph? If you get to heaven before I do, please thank the three of them. Or if you discover their identity, give them a big hug and a smile of gratitude.

So, what do you think? Are the works of mercy dead in our day?   What is this answer to the famous question of Jesus in the Gospel.   “But when the son of Man returns, will He find faith on the earth?”  The answer, I submit, is to be found in these pages.  We close with that beautiful prayers at the beginning.  IN SIMPLICITY OF HEART, I JOYFULLY GIVE EVERYTHING TO YOU, O GOD.   Well, maybe not everything, but lots. For the precious few, reading this, and who are planning to become DDM, you are planning to give, not lots, but EVERYTHING  –  and joyfully.



(This picture is inspired by the Holy Spirit for Christmas to all the supporters of the House of Mercy Pro-Life, Inc.)

Our prayers and thanks to you for all your kindness and works of mercy.  Jesus surely knows and blesses you abundantly.

A blessed Christmas to you !

In the love of Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

                 Father Carey, Leticia Marquez,  Daughters of Divine Mercy (DDM) and all officers & staff of the House of Mercy, Pro-Life Inc.

3 thoughts on “Newsletter 2011

  1. Para mi Graciela ha sido un gozo el poder ayudar un poco a la casa de la Misericordia. Dios me ha dado tanto que solo estoy regresando un poquito.

    For me Graciela, it has been a great honor to help the House of Mercy. God has given me so much though I am giving so little .

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