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Bright and early on Saturday August 27 2011, at 1 a.m. to be exact, a group of amazing people from Bakersfield embarked on a long journey to Tecate Mexico (precisley 6 hours!!) These people were heading to the House of Mercy Pro-life in Tecate to lay concrete out for a much needed drive way. Graciela Trujillo and her husband Nazario Limon worked diligently in their local parish (Our Lady of Guadalupe, Bakersfield), and local area to gather funds and volunteers for this project. With their work and their generous supporters they raised enough money to have five concrete trucks pour concrete! At 7 a.m. sharp the 15+ volunteers that congregated that morning began to work immediatley. They leveled the ground, laid the rebar, and shoveled the concrete that flowed from the trucks.

These men worked very hard, and completed a large area of the driveway by noon! It was an incredible sight to see. The names of the Bakersfield volunteers include:

Graciela Trujillo and Nazario Limon,

Ramon Heredia
Ramon Heredia Jr.
Rafael Heredia
Miguel Trujillo
Arnoldo Reyes
Luis Sanchez
Carlos Espidia
Felipe Urenda
Juan Cerrano
and a few locals as well as a man named Esteban Perez from Ontario Ca.


P.S. Have you brought a group similar to this? Would you like to have an article about the activities your local group is doing to help the House of Mercy? Please email the name of your group, the names of the volunteer leaders/vokunteers (if possible) and explain the project that your group did. If possible please send pictures of your activity! We would love to hear from you. Send an email to

This is the group of volunteers from Bakersfield

This is the driveway before the workers poured the concrete

This is after the five trucks poured the concrete!

Leveling the ground…

After leveling out the ground, the volunteers rolled rebar onto the proposed driveway.

The Volunteers leveling off the concrete pouring out of the truck.

Before the Cement…

Afterwards…These men work fast!!!

Final Touches!!

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