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The 8th Annual Divine Mercy Sunday Celebration was hosted in Tecate, Mexico, on May 1, 2011! It was well attended of over 85 people, including some that came from California. Asuncion Vera and Nicolasa Ramirez renewed their annual promise after 7 years of service and dedication to the House of Mercy. This year, Maria made her promise for the first time as a Daughter of Divine Mercy for 3 months. We ask that you please pray for her as she discerns her vocation as a Daughter of Divine Mercy.

Fr. Carey delivering his sermon during the Mass of the Divine Mercy

Asuncion Vera DDM Renewing her promise.

Nicolasa Ramirez DDM renewing her promise.

Maria DDM Making her Promise for the first time.

(from left to right) Leticia Marquez, Asuncion Vera DDM, Fr. Carey, Maria DDM, and Nicolasa Ramirez DDM


The 2nd Annual March for Life in Tecate Mexico hosted by the House of Mercy Pro-life Inc. (Tecate, Mexico) and the Women’s Help Center of Tecate. The Marchers walked through downtown Tecate.

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