The House of Mercy Tecate

The House of Mercy in Tecate provides a shelter for women in pregnancy crisis, and for needy children and elderly.

This is a recent (DEC 2010) picture taken with all the children with Father Carey, Leticia and (Temporary DDM) Romme

This is picture captures Father Carey with Leticia, Asuncion (DDM) and Romme (Temporary DDM)

This is a nice view of the completed chapel that is now fully functional!

This is an older picture (2008) that was taken during Father Carey’s annual vacation in Tecate for the summer.

Picture of a few volunteers and Daughters of Divine Mercy at the House of Mercy’s Second Annual March for Life in Tecate Mexico.

Pictures of Children from the House of Mercy in Tecate, Rialto and Ontario:

One of the children at the House of Mercy in Tecate, Mexico

2 thoughts on “The House of Mercy Tecate

  1. I had the joy of visiting the House of Mercy in Tecate and meeting Fr. Richard Carey, Leticia, and the children. It is a beautiful place of hope, with a future that lies in God’s merciful and creative hands, with so many possibilities. My prayers are with you and I look forward to visiting again. May our merciful Lord pour out many blessings on this work of His.

  2. To Fr Carey or the Director:
    I have a question:Is the House of Mercy,
    Tecate in need of building additional struct
    ures?If so, what might it/they be?Is estim
    ated cost available?I’m working on reach
    ing some sources that ‘may’ provide fund
    ing for such purposes.Please let me know
    as soon as you can.Thank you,John Saravia;323-8933648;johnsaravia@yahoo

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