Divine Mercy Sunday Celebration 2010

The House of Mercy Pro-life held its seventh annual Divine Mercy Celebration. It was well attended, however it received less numbers then the past two years. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was celebrated by Fr. Richard Carey, resident of the House of Mercy in Tecate, in the new Chapel that is still being constructed. The new chapel was fully decorated, lavished with red and white roses and beautiful flowers from all over. Nicolasa Ramirez and Asuncion Vera renewed their promise for another year, this being their seventh year as consecrated lay daughters, Sr. Eloisa Franco renewed her promise for the second time, having been a Daughter of Divine Mercy for one year.

The Sanctuary was lavished with tons of flowers and beautiful mantels.

Fr. Carey, the celebrant joined in praising before the recitation of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy at 3 p.m.

Sr. Nicolasa, a girl being helped at the House of Mercy, and Sr. Asuncion

A group of people praising the Lord before the recitation of the Chaplet.

This is a picture of a group of people who attended the celebration. Among the group are a few volunteers from Whittier California who traveled to Tecate just for the event

This is the outside of the unfinished chapel

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